(Hollistic Health & Wellness Coach for 10+ Years)

"Ketogenic metabolism & obsessive nutritional research gave me my health back after a childhood of being constantly ill. It inspired me to help others gain control of their life from the inside out."

I created Keto Excellence to teach the world the power of applying TRUE ketogenic strategies combined with highly personal nutritional knowledge. In order to create a reliable community of health enthusiasts who can lead a movement that will advance health and wellness care to a level ahead of our time.


Mastering keto and challenging many mainstream ideas on personal nutrition helped Antonio to:

- Complete the final year of law school while at the age of 20. Skipping ahead into the final year of classes in one of the world's Top 30 law schools, located in New Zealand.

- Build Keto Excellence into a 6-figure business at age 24 and a 7-figure business at age 25.

- Help people from all walks of life to create TRUE change in their lives and achieve their best health, fitness and mental wellbeing; with results greater than most practitioners they have ever dealt with.


When combined with regular and appropriate testing from a client's medical professionals)
Antonio's & Keto Excellence's client record includes:

- Completely reversing Type 2 Diabetes in hundreds of people; and approximately 1/3rd of Type 1 Diabetics.

- Helping individuals in accidents with physical trauma to achieve dramatic pain relief through nutrition; achieving a level of pain relief unachievable through chronic medications or invasive procedures. At the farthest extent helping people who were paralyzed to walk again.

- Fully reversing all pains within clients suffering from arthritis/osteoarthritis/osteoporosis within 2 months on average: even in outliers who have been diagnosed in youth.

- Completely reversing fibromyalgia pains and all symptoms of burning, scratching and itching sensations in 100% of clients with Fibromyalgia & while correcting any other comorbid symptoms/adrenal fatigue.

- Guiding women with PCOS/Endometriosis to full relief and the ability to have children again on hundreds of occasions.

- Helping individuals with kidney disease to full reversal; at any stage of kidney complications.

- Reversing bowel diseases and irritations with 100% success in every single client. Usually within 2-3 Months.

- Resolving hormone-based discomfort in all women with menopause/peri-menopause symptoms + men with low testosterone.

- Helping individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to feel a sense of control again while seeing reductions in the severity of any brain lesions.

- Providing life changing recoveries from concussions/TBI's & brain injuries of all types in as early as 3 months. 

- Advancing athletes from competitive to olympic level in as short as 12 months

- Helping people achieve their dream body composition FAST & EASILY whether they are a professional athlete, competitive fitness competitor or a parent with a busy schedule. Creating success stories as fast as 60 lbs weight loss in 60 days WHILE improving health markers and properly getting off of multiple medications.



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