Antonio (Anthony) Romano is a passionate enthusiast of holistic health, body optimization, dieting and overall self improvement; who is obsessed with helping others improve their lives with those techniques.

He grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada where he began experimenting with ketogenic dieting at the age of 15 as he became fascinated with fitness, sports and bodybuilding. He enrolled at McMaster University in 2014 and in 2017 gained early admittance to the University of Auckland Law School located in New Zealand; after satisfying academic demands for an exchange program. He moved there temporarily with the help of family and personal savings and began enrolment into fourth-year law school while only at the age of 20; 3-5 years younger than most of his classmates in Law School.

Anthony graduated with an Honours Degree in “Justice, Political Philosophy and Law” (JPPL) from McMaster University in 2018 and values his education as a powerful experience which taught him to think deeper, research scholarly articles and perform in sink-or-swim environments at a young age. He values this education, not only as a credential, but as an asset which helped him stay dedicated to continuously improving his efforts in business and life; particularly with personal nutrition and fitness.
These educational experiences help Anthony to complete close to 100 books a year while remaining open minded to continuously learning and improving his body of knowledge and experience. 

After returning home from New Zealand, Anthony became employed at a nutritional store in Ancaster, Ontario, where he quickly began helping customers with ailments & health concerns that plagued them all of their lives. It was here that Anthony realized his obsession with health was able to bring powerful impacts into people’s lives; since he helped so many people directly with problems they just couldn’t seem to fix through conventional methods for their entire lives So he began coaching people for free as they kept coming back just to keep receiving his advices. Anthony realized here that the technique which was impacting people more than any other was accessing the Ketogenic metabolism: through diet and fasting. 

It seemed that so many clients and customers would end up fixing ALL of their health issues (and their appearance goals) through keto alone, and that keto could be the 20% of action that causes an 80% response in people’s lives!  Whether the response granted people complete removal of certain diseases (such as Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, chronic inflammation, anemia, epilepsy and depression to name a few Anthony has worked with) or by simply granting people a powerful sense of confidence by getting a ripped physique and addressing nutritional deficiencies; this inspired Anthony to double down on his knowledge of keto and aim to become the best source on ketogenic health and fitness in the world.  His goal is to help as many people as humanly possible  with these techniques. He continues to teach people to begin integrating keto (amongst numerous other health practices) into a balanced lifestyle so they can rediscover their vitality through it, and use  it to better accomplish their biggest dreams and aspirations.

If you’re reading this, I hope you are one of those people,
and I encourage you to reach out to me so I can further
help you implement massive changes in your life through
these powerful fitness practices!

My deepest sincerity,

-Anthony Romano
Email: Coaching@RomanoKeto.com
Instagram: @AnthonyRomano7   |   YouTube: Youtube.com/c/RomanoKeto