(Hollistic Health Coach for 10+ Years)

Keto & Deep nutrition gave me my health back from a childhood constantly on the brink of death and it inspired me to help others gain control of their life from the inside out.

I created Keto Excellence to show the world the power of REAL keto combined with secret nutritional knowledge and create a reliable community of enthusiasts to guide a worldwide movement.

Mastering keto and personalized nutrition helped Antonio to:
- Attend a top law school at the age of 20; skipping ahead into the final year of classes in one of the world's best law schools in New Zealand
- Build a 6 figure business at 24 and a 7 figure business at 25.
- Coach people from all walks of life to achieve their best health, fitness and mental wellbeing; with results greater than any practitioner they have ever dealt with.

When combined with regular testing from a client's medical professional,
Antonio's & Keto Excellence's client record includes:
- Completely reversing Type 2 Diabetes in 100% of type 2 diabetics; and 2 out of every 3 Type 1 Diabetics.
- Helping individuals in accidents with physical trauma to achieve dramatic pain relief through nutrition alone; achieving a level of pain relief unachievable through chronic medications or invasive procedures.
- Fully reversing all pains within clients suffering from arthritis/osteoarthritis/osteoporosis within 2 months on average: even in outliers who have been diagnosed in youth.
- Completely reversing fibromyalgia pains and all symptoms of burning, scratching and itching sensations in 100% of clients with Fibromyalgia & while correcting any other comorbid symptoms/adrenal fatigue.
- Guiding women with PCOS/Endometriosis to full relief and the ability to have children again on hundreds of occasions.
- Helping individuals with kidney disease to full reversal; at any stage of kidney complications.
- Reversing bowel diseases and irritations with 100% success in every single client. Usually within 2-3 Months.
- Resolving hormone-based discomfort in all women with menopause/peri-menopause symptoms + men with low testosterone.
- Helping individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) to feel a sense of control again while seeing reductions in the severity of any brain lesions.
- Providing life changing recoveries from concussions/TBI's & brain injuries of all types in as early as 3 months. 
- Advancing athletes from competitive to olympic level in as short as 12 months
- Helping people achieve their dream body composition FAST & EASILY whether they are a professional athlete, competitive fitness competitor or a parent with a busy schedule.